Guaranteed (Even if Chewed)® is the cornerstone of our brand. It doesn't mean our products are chew-proof – no fabric is!

However, we will replace an item that has been damaged due to chewing or hardware failure. You're welcome to replace damaged items, or you can refer customers to us.

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You get credited when you exchange a damaged item for a customer. Simply upload a nice, clear photo of the entire item on the Dealer Image Upload form on Once we review and accept it, you then throw the item away.

If you don't have a replacement, or if for any reason you prefer not to do an exchange, you can refer the customer to the EZ Return Form for Consumers on and we will take care of the replacement at no charge.

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'Chewed' is by far the most common type of replacement, with hardware failure a distant second. For the safety of the pets, we do not recommend any of our products for tie-out.

Chew toys, taste deterrents and more, can all be useful add-on sales when you help a customer survive their pet's puppyhood.

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It's a short list: lost, outgrown or simply worn/dirty are all outside the scope of the Guarantee.

Replacing the same item for a customer two or three times in as many weeks requires some sort of intervention. Is it a harness that isn't being removed after the walk? A leash being used for tie-out? There's a conversation to be had in situations like this.

We don't ever want the Guarantee to be a bone of contention between you and your customer. You can always refer them to us. We are happy to explain the benefits and intent of the Guarantee, and also its limits.

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