® 2024 Dealer Catalog New for 2024! Social Butterfly in all sizes & products!

Looking for something new? Sell more collars by showing customers something new every time they visit! A mix of never-seen designs, plus a few retro designs from past years. We design far more than we can add to our Originals collection, and some designs are so trendy or seasonal, their fame is fleeting! New designs all the time! Themes, seasons and holidays! Pre-book the items you want so you don't miss out! We produce a very limited amount of these designs. Pre-book early to be sure you'll get the ones you want. You aren't billed until it ships. We'll also contact you beforehand to see if you need any other items for your display. 2 Visit LupineDealer.com to prebook or to Request a Login! Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern)

3 Micro Batch Designs Available Now on LupineDealer.com 3/4" Spruce Lodge 1/2" Greek Key 3/4" Monarch Red 1" Magic Unicorn Super Star, all widths Stars n Stripes, 3/4" and 1" 3/4" Brookies 1" Gone Fishin' 1/2" Wee Fishies 1/2" Jester Lovebirds, 3/4" and 1" Lucky, 1/2" and 3/4" As of February 28, 2024 3/4" Lucky Dragon 1" Lucky Dragon 1/2" Lucky Dragon 3/4" Mama Llama 1" Hoot Baby Whale New for March > 1/2" Spring Blush 3/4" Pink Wave 1" Cherry Blossom Preview upcoming Micro Batch Designs for 2024! ☛ Lovable Gnomes, all widths

4 Visit LupineDealer.com to order or to Request a Login! Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern) Pre-book these limited-quantity Micro Batch designs so you don't miss out! April 3/4" Earth Day 1/2" Blue River 1" Blue River 3/4" Peace Paws 1/2" Peace Paws 1" Peace Paws May June Watermelon in all widths!

5 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern) • sales@lupinepet.com Proudly Built in New Hampshire GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)® New for 2024 and available now! Lupine® Originals Trio Design, Social Butterfly A new Trio design for the Originals collection is available in all widths and products, for cats and dogs. The pink and blue butterflies on a rich cobalt background will add color and sales to your display! 1/2" 3/4" 1" Get an 18-piece Trio Pack with Adjustable dog collars and 6-ft Leashes! $91.35 A 30% savings off reg. wholesale! Login to LupineDealer.com to order Social Butterfly today!

Originals - Designer patterns in great colors and themes. Our top-selling line! Individual Originals Trio Pack, 18 pieces $91.35 - save $39.15 4 Trio Packs of Originals, 72 pieces $365.40 - save $156.60 6 Trio Packs of Originals, 108 pieces $548.10 - save $234.90 Reg. whlsl. these items: 4.75-9.75, MSRP 9.99-19.99 Basics - Traditional solid color nylon with Lupine's quality materials and workmanship. Individual Basics Trio Packs, 18 pieces $61.95 - save $26.55 4 Trio Packs of Basics, 72 pieces $247.80 - save $106.20 6 Trio Packs of Basics, 108 pieces $371.70 - save $159.30 Reg. whlsl. these items: 3.50-7.75, MSRP 6.99-15.49 6 Originals, 24" x 60" 30% off! Save on Collar & Leash Starter Displays! Trio Pack items in one Design or Color 1/2" width size range 3/4" width size range 1" width size range Adj. Collars 2 each, in ea. width 8-12" 9-14" 12-20" Adj. Collars 2 each, in ea. width 10-16" 13-22" 16-28" Leashes 2 each, in ea. width 6-ft 6-ft 6-ft 18 pieces in all! 6 pieces 1/2" 6 pieces 3/4" 6 pieces 1" The easiest and most cost-effective way to create a new Lupine® display or expand your existing one! Choose Trio Packs by collection and color and you'll receive adjustable collars and padded handle leashes in the most popular sizes. 18 pieces in each Trio Pack. Order from one or more collections to make the display you want! Our collections, shown on pgs. 8-9: • Basics - Traditional solid-color nylon made with our quality workmanship and Lifetime Guarantee. 8 Trio colors, including new Aqua! • Originals - Our best known and best selling line. Jacquard woven nylon is very durable and the designs feature rich colors and many themes. 14 Trio designs, including new Petunias! • Eco - Made from recycled plastic bottles that are extruded and spun into thread . The material is soft yet strong, with a unique woven texture. 6 Trio colors. • High Lights - New! Also a jacquard woven nylon, with the addition of highly reflective threads on the edges, in the design and on the reverse for maximum reflectivity in low-light conditions. 6 Trio designs. 4 Basics, 16" x 60" ® 6 See pgs. 8-9 see color options in these collections Visit LupineDealer.com to learn more or Request a Login!

New! High Lights - Bright neon colors with reflective threads on all sides, visible day & night. Individual High Lights Trio Pack, 18 pieces $107.45 - save $46.05 4 Trio Packs of High Lights, 72 pieces $429.80 - save $184.20 6 Trio Packs of High Lights, 108 pieces $644.70 - save $276.30 Reg. whlsl. these items: 5.75-11.75, MSRP 11.49-23.49 Eco - Made from recycled plastic bottles in a unique woven texture that is soft and lustrous. Individual Eco Trio Packs, 18 pieces $96.95 - save $41.55 4 Trio Packs of Eco, 72 pieces $387.80 - save $166.20 6 Trio Packs of Eco, 108 pieces $581.70 - save $249.30 Reg. whlsl. these items: 5.00-10.25, MSRP 10.49-21.99 Displays include racking, hooks and headers! Additional products to consider Harnesses (traditional, Step In, or for cats) Cat safety collars (with or without a bell) Martingale collars (for walking & training) See pgs. 10-13 for these items! 6 High Lights, 24" x 60" 4 Eco, 16" x 60" 3 Originals & 3 Eco 24" x 60" - $564.90 4 Originals & 2 Basics 24" x 60" - $489.30 Choose Trio Packs from one or more collections to make the display that fits your needs! 7 Proudly Built in New Hampshire GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)®

Made from jacquard woven nylon in vibrant colors and a wide range of unique designs. 15 Trio designs (in all three widths). 8 other width-specific designs. Originals Alpen Glow Jelly Roll Go Go Gecko El Paso Dapper Dog Tail Feathers Turtle Reef Sea Glass Rain Song Puppy Love Rose Garden Bling Bonz Petunias Traditional solid nylon made with our quality hardware components and workmanship. 8 Trio colors, including new Aqua. basics ® Green Purple Pink Blaze Orange Black Red Blue Aqua All Lupine® products are Proudly Built in New Hampshire and Guaranteed (Even if Chewed)®. Ripple Creek New! Social Butterfly

9 With a unique woven texture, made from recycled plastic bottles. Available in 6 Trio colors. Our newest collection! Vivid neon colors are combined with highly reflective threads on all sides: front, back and edges! Reflects light back for more visibility in the dark or in low light conditions. Available in 6 brightly colored Trios. High Lights Berry Mountain Lake Moss Granite Lilac Tropical Sea Pink Paws Blue Paws Orange Diamond Pink Diamond Green Diamond Blue Diamond

Products & Sizes Width ➜ Product/Sizes 1/2" width size range 3/4" width size range 1" width size range A Adjustable collar 6-9" * 9-14" 12-20" Adjustable collar 8-12" 13-22" 16-28" Adjustable collar 10-16" 15-25" * 25 -31" * B Martingale collar - - 10-14" 15-22" Martingale collar - - 14-20" 19-27" C Padded Handle Leash 4 foot 4 foot 4 foot Padded Handle Leash 6 foot 6 foot 6 foot Padded Handle Leash - - 2-ft Traffic 2-ft Traffic D 4-way Adj Harness (Roman) 9-14" * 12-20" 20-32" 4-way Adj Harness (Roman) 12-20" 14-24" 24-38" 4-way Adj Harness (Roman) - - 20-32" 36-44" * E Step In Harness 10-13" * 15-21" 19-28" Step In Harness 12-18" 20-30" 24-38" ➜ * Indicates a less-common size range for its type of product B. Martingale collar - This type of collar prevents 'backing out' by tightening the collar when there is tension on the leash. Perfect for dogs with a wider neck than head, or for escape artists! The martingale portion allows a limited amount of tightening, but does not close down infinitely like a true choker collar. There is no buckle; place over the head, then adjust to fit. For best fit, measure around the middle of the neck and then add 5-10%. Also measure around the widest aspect of the head to ensure the collar can be easily slipped on. Due to an increased risk of entanglement or injury, this collar should not be left on an unleashed or unattended dog. Dog Collars 3/4" and 1" Martingales A. Adjustable collar - An essential piece of dog gear! Multiple sizes ranges in each width for the perfect fit. Made with the strongest side-release buckle, which is designed for Lupine® by YKK, plus strong bar-tack stitching like mountain-climbing gear is made! 1" Martingale collar See pgs. 12-13 for additional products, including Cat products! Visit LupineDealer.com to learn more or to Request a Login! Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern) 10

E. Step In harness - Wrap-around style is easy to explain and merchandise. With three adjustment points. To use: open buckle, place a front paw in each opening. Bring the two ends up over the dog's back and clip the buckle. Attach leash to both D-rings over the back. 3/4" Step In harness 3/4" Adjustable (Roman) harness Dog Harnesses Sizing - Harness sizes are the adjustable size range of the girth strap. For best fit, measure the actual inches around the body, just behind the front legs, while the dog is standing. Then add an extra 5% to get the adjusted length of the girth. Or measure the length of the girth on the pet's current harness. A soft tape measure is available for $1.00. LupineDealer.com has sizing guides to view and print on Get Forms. D. Adjustable (Roman) harness - With four adjustment points, this classic over-thehead style fits deep chested and long bodied dogs especially well. More secure for preventing backing out of the harness. To use: open buckle, slip the head through the shoulder straps. Lift the left front paw over the center strap and clip the buckle. Attach leash to the D-ring on the back. As a training harness, or more control, use either the O-ring on the front of the chest or above the shoulders. Leashes C. Padded Handle Leash - In 6-foot, 4-foot and 2-foot lengths, and double folded to display neatly. Our padded handle is very soft in the hand with a woven texture that is easy to grip. Made with a strong and durable swivel snap. Other types of leashes shown on next page. Proudly Built in New Hampshire GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)® 11 Lupine® keychains are an easy add-on sale or they can be used as a promo or incentive. Order individually by width and design/color, or 'assorted' by collection. Available in all Originals, Micro Batch, Eco and High Lights. Display box at no charge. Keychains

Specialty Products 3/4" and 1" Training Tab - Use on a supervised dog as a quick ‘grab handle' when practicing off-leash training. 11" end to end, including snap. 3/4" and 1" 2-ft Traffic Leash - Keeps the dog close to you in busy environments. With padded handle. 1/2" wide 3/4" wide Extra-long Training Leashes 15-ft and 30-ft in the Basics collection Practice your dog’s recall and other obedience skills from a distance while staying ‘connected’, or give them more freedom to roam on walks. Neatly packaged for your display. Eight Basics colors, in 1/2" and 3/4" widths. 1/2" products are designed for pets under 20 lbs. Not for tie-out. 1/2" Whelping Collars Identify individuals in a litter. Made with a flat center-push buckle and no D-ring. Two size ranges: 5-7" or 7-12". Choose from: 1/2" Basics- Two each, six colors. 1/2" Originals- better for 'toddlers'. 1 doz. assorted. Whelping collars are not covered under our Even if Chewed Guarantee. Coupler - Use to walk two dogs on one leash. Order by width and pattern or color name. Measured end to end, including hardware: 1/2" - 18" long • 3/4" - 24" long • 1" - 24" long 3/4" and 1" 6-ft Slip Leash - Great for agility trials, kennel use, or just to have in the glove box. Push the webbing through the O-ring to create a choke-style collar with leash. Visit LupineDealer.com to learn more or to Request a Login! Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern) 12

1/2" H-style harness - Best walking harness for cats or rabbits. With non-breakaway buckles and two adjustment points. Welded D-ring for a leash. Girth sizes: 9-14" • 12-20" Cat Products 1/2" H-style harness in reflective High Lights Orange Diamond Quick and easy to use... Simply buckle the adjustable girth around the ribcage and clip the center strap to the dog's collar. Teaches polite walking habits by helping you to quickly redirect pulling behavior. Packaged in a resealable clamshell with instructions. See the No Pull video on LupineDealer.com 'Videos' page. 1. Buckle around your dog's ribcage 2. Bring center strap up between the front legs and clip to the D-ring on the dog's collar. 3. Clip your leash to the D-ring on the center strap. The Lupine® No-Pull Training Harness 3/4" wide, chest 16-26" 1" wide, chest 26-38" M L In any 3/4" and 1" wide collections 2 sizes: 1/2" Cat Safety collar, 8-12" With a custom-designed breakaway buckle that releases under about 4.5 pounds of pressure and a D-ring to attach ID tag. Available with or without a bell. Due to the breakaway buckle, the Cat Safety collar must not be used with a leash. 13 Proudly Built in New Hampshire GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)®

Proudly Built in New Hampshire • No Minimum Order $15 shipping in the contiguous States (AK, HI and International quoted at cost.) 1-800-228-9653 (Mon.-Fri., 9-5, Eastern) Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com How does GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)® work for you, the retailer? Our custom-made buckle is the strongest in the industry. To protect fur and skin, the ends of the material are turned under and stitched. Easy to use swivel snap is durable and secure. Our unique padded handle is loved by dog-walkers. It doesn't mean it's 'chew-proof' (no fabric is!) However, if our product becomes damaged due to chewing or hardware failure - we will replace it! Consumers can upload a photo of the damaged piece to our EZ Return form on LupinePet.com. Within 2-3 business days, we'll have a free replacement in the mail to them! If you want to offer an in-store exchange for a consumer - that’s great! Whether you sold the original piece to them or not, we credit you for the damaged item! There's a mobile-friendly web page for retailers on LupineDealer.com to upload an image of the damaged piece. Once we review and accept the image, you throw away the damaged piece and we place a credit on your Lupine account! When you log in to LupineDealer.com look for 'Guarantee Claims' on the left-side menu. As always, contact us with any questions. We are here to make Lupine® work for you! Lupine® products are Proudly Built in New Hampshire! Est. 1990 Visit LupineDealer.com to learn more or to Request a Login!