Looking for something new? Sell more collars by showing customers something new every time they visit! A mix of never-seen designs, plus a few retro designs from past years. We design far more than we can add to our Originals collection, and some designs are so trendy or seasonal, their fame is fleeting! New designs all the time! Themes, seasons and holidays! Pre-book the items you want so you don't miss out! We produce a very limited amount of these designs. Pre-book early to be sure you'll get the ones you want. You aren't billed until it ships. We'll also contact you beforehand to see if you need any other items for your display. 2 Visit LupineDealer.com to prebook or to Request a Login! Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern)