E. Step In harness - Wrap-around style is easy to explain and merchandise. With three adjustment points. To use: open buckle, place a front paw in each opening. Bring the two ends up over the dog's back and clip the buckle. Attach leash to both D-rings over the back. 3/4" Step In harness 3/4" Adjustable (Roman) harness Dog Harnesses Sizing - Harness sizes are the adjustable size range of the girth strap. For best fit, measure the actual inches around the body, just behind the front legs, while the dog is standing. Then add an extra 5% to get the adjusted length of the girth. Or measure the length of the girth on the pet's current harness. A soft tape measure is available for $1.00. LupineDealer.com has sizing guides to view and print on Get Forms. D. Adjustable (Roman) harness - With four adjustment points, this classic over-thehead style fits deep chested and long bodied dogs especially well. More secure for preventing backing out of the harness. To use: open buckle, slip the head through the shoulder straps. Lift the left front paw over the center strap and clip the buckle. Attach leash to the D-ring on the back. As a training harness, or more control, use either the O-ring on the front of the chest or above the shoulders. Leashes C. Padded Handle Leash - In 6-foot, 4-foot and 2-foot lengths, and double folded to display neatly. Our padded handle is very soft in the hand with a woven texture that is easy to grip. Made with a strong and durable swivel snap. Other types of leashes shown on next page. Proudly Built in New Hampshire GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)® 11 Lupine® keychains are an easy add-on sale or they can be used as a promo or incentive. Order individually by width and design/color, or 'assorted' by collection. Available in all Originals, Micro Batch, Eco and High Lights. Display box at no charge. Keychains