Products & Sizes Width ➜ Product/Sizes 1/2" width size range 3/4" width size range 1" width size range A Adjustable collar 6-9" * 9-14" 12-20" Adjustable collar 8-12" 13-22" 16-28" Adjustable collar 10-16" 15-25" * 25 -31" * B Martingale collar - - 10-14" 15-22" Martingale collar - - 14-20" 19-27" C Padded Handle Leash 4 foot 4 foot 4 foot Padded Handle Leash 6 foot 6 foot 6 foot Padded Handle Leash - - 2-ft Traffic 2-ft Traffic D 4-way Adj Harness (Roman) 9-14" * 12-20" 20-32" 4-way Adj Harness (Roman) 12-20" 14-24" 24-38" 4-way Adj Harness (Roman) - - 20-32" 36-44" * E Step In Harness 10-13" * 15-21" 19-28" Step In Harness 12-18" 20-30" 24-38" ➜ * Indicates a less-common size range for its type of product B. Martingale collar - This type of collar prevents 'backing out' by tightening the collar when there is tension on the leash. Perfect for dogs with a wider neck than head, or for escape artists! The martingale portion allows a limited amount of tightening, but does not close down infinitely like a true choker collar. There is no buckle; place over the head, then adjust to fit. For best fit, measure around the middle of the neck and then add 5-10%. Also measure around the widest aspect of the head to ensure the collar can be easily slipped on. Due to an increased risk of entanglement or injury, this collar should not be left on an unleashed or unattended dog. Dog Collars 3/4" and 1" Martingales A. Adjustable collar - An essential piece of dog gear! Multiple sizes ranges in each width for the perfect fit. Made with the strongest side-release buckle, which is designed for Lupine® by YKK, plus strong bar-tack stitching like mountain-climbing gear is made! 1" Martingale collar See pgs. 12-13 for additional products, including Cat products! Visit LupineDealer.com to learn more or to Request a Login! Email: lupinedealer@lupinepet.com 1-800-228-9653 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern) 10